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Beijing Horti Seed Co., Ltd founded in Beijing, China started out with OEM production of vegetable and flower seeds, and basic research & development of seed production technologies.
Dalian Horti Seed Co., Ltd founded in Dalian, China specializing in OEM production of vegetable and flower seeds for well-known seed companies in the U.S. and Japan.
Established our own four-story headquarter building integrated with administration office, seed test laboratory, tissue culture laboratory, seed processing factory and warehouse in High - Tech Zone of Dalian, China.
Established Horti Seed Farm on a 100Mu (667,000m2) area in Huajia village, Dalian, China. Gradually built 3 sunshine greenhouses, 1 Korea-type joint greenhouse, 12 green houses and other facilities of seed test, processing and storage.
Built 2 Korea-type joint greenhouses in seed farm to response the growing requirement of hybrid flower seed production.
In 2010, the government built Jinzhou National Agriculture High-Tech Based Industrial Park in Dalian (DJNAP). Our seed farm is located at the center of this Park. For the purpose of developing modern agricultural techniques and increasing the company business, we expanded our farm from the original 100 Mu (6.6 hectares) to 200 Mu (13.3 hectares). In addition, we built 3 adjoining Korean style greenhouses.
In 2011, we built additional 4 adjoining Korean style greenhouses to accommodate the enlarged seed farm. We now have a total of 10 adjoining Korean style greenhouses. Each greenhouse is of 5 Mu (0.33 hectares). At the same time, we have set up drop irrigation line, drainage and electric power systems and built transportation road. We have installed automatic management system of temperature, light, water, fertilizer and video in the greenhouses. Our goal is to build a modernized seed farm for research and production of vegetables and flowers and to be ready for the strategic development of the company.
We have converted the 12 Mu plastic houses built in 2003 into 4 adjoining Korean style greenhouses and completed road building and greening the seed farm.
We set up a new 150 Mu (10 hectares) seed farm for hybrid vegetables and flowers seeds production. DJNAP (Jinzhou National Agriculture High-Tech Based Industrial Park in Dalian) has rented 800 Mu fields near our company for building a first-class high-tech agriculture park in 2013. We are given priority for using the fields. We have built 30 Mu (2 hectares) adjoining Korean style greenhouses in DJNAP . We are going to use more fields in the future for setting our as a Star company in the DJNAP.
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